Data Analytics

CHAN HEALTHCARE has a team of auditors dedicated to developing and using Data Analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our audit and consulting services. Partner with CHAN HEALTHCARE to improve the performance of your organization with data analysis.

The use of data analytic tools provides a great deal of value in the hospital environment by analyzing data to identify process and control issues that can have a negative impact on the hospital’s revenue.

Our Data Analytic services include:

Healthcare Internal Auditor Data Analytic Toolkit

Our Healthcare Internal Auditor Data Analytic toolkit includes fraud, compliance, charge capture and financial tools. These well tested and proven routines have been used by CHAN HEALTHCARE in providing internal audit services to our clients for more than 10 years.

CHAN HEALTHCARE performs the data analysis. You are responsible for researching the exceptions to determine if they are valid, identifying root causes of control issues, and creating and presenting your final report. CHAN HEALTHCARE is available throughout the process to explain the identified exceptions, answer questions, and provide support. CHAN HEALTHCARE will also adjust and re-run reports as needed to provide the best results.

CHAN HEALTHCARE Data Analytic Services are:
· Based on more than ten years experience using data analysis to improve the audit process
· Delivered by a team of experienced professionals that have deep understandings of healthcare operations and data analysis tools and techniques
· Customized based on your environment to minimize false positives
· Proven to identify process control issues that, when mitigated, often result in more effective processes and revenue enhancement opportunities
· Focused on providing maximum value

Continuous Auditing/Monitoring Tools
CHAN HEALTHCARE has leveraged several of our proven data analytic toolkits to create automated continuous control monitoring technology (CCMT) solutions.

To find out how you can leverage CHAN HEALTHCARE’s Data Analysis resources, contact us today at (314) 802-2000.